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An odourless, colorless and tasteless spirit, vodka is known as a ladies’ drink but in reality is a universal favourite for all those who enjoy a good drink. Made from fermented potatoes, grain or molasses, this clear spirit gives the maker a clean slate to infuse flavors for which Smirnoff is a classic example. By doing so, it widened the adoption of the drink to the global favourite it is today.

While it isn’t a drink you would enjoy neat, unless of course you’re Russian, Vodka can be used to dice up some of the most famous cocktails that have mass appeal such as martinis, screwdrivers and greyhounds to name a few. Should you wish to go plain jane, drop in olive or a slice of lemon to add some flavor to this all-accepting drink. Buy vodka online with free delivery and we’re sure you will never have enough of this flexible and humble spirit.

If you’re looking for a particularly distinct vodka bottle to make a start, Belvedere, Grey Goose or Beluga should be your pick from vodka shops online in London.