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The Caribbean gift to the world, Rum is a drink that is ubiquitous across cocktails, alcoholic desserts, making it the preferred choice across all demographics of drinkers. Rum is made from molasses followed by a fermentation process, variations in which lead to the making of different kinds of rum. You can sink into the many varieties of this versatile drink from rum shops online in London.

The lighter variants of rum are used in cocktails and colorful summer drinks while the deeper ones are usually enjoyed on their own. Some of the most famous alcohol brands including Captain Morgan, Bacardi and Havana Club are delicious spirits that belong to the rum family.

Interestingly, rum, like tequila, comes in a host of flavors that make it a favorite with desserts and cocktails. Whether it is cranberry, lemon or coastal flavors of coconut, there is something in it for everyone. Buy rum online to dice yourself up some flavorful cocktails that this spirit offers.