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Brandy is derived from distilled wine and other fruits and is a preferred choice by many as a digestif drink. The most remarkable feature of this warm and potent drink is its versatility. You can enjoy brandy with some water, citrus juices, vermouth, or even just au naturel.

Brandy is typically distilled and left to age in wooden casks. If you were to ask us, we would say, the older the wine, the more you shall enjoy it without any dilution or mixers. Simply indulge in it with some good ol’ crackers and cheese, and you have lined up the perfect evening ahead of you. Should you wish to indulge in cocktails or interesting concoctions, extend these experiments to brandy that isn’t very mature. Whatever may be the drink, you can invest in imported brandy online with free delivery from a brandy online shop in London for the finest brandy there is.

The real experience of sipping on this regal drink is when you pour some of it into a brandy snifter and enjoy the potent aroma of the drink along with its distinct flavor. So whether it is a Remy Martin or a Calvados Bushnell, sip it from a snifter, we’d say.