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Blended Malt Whiskey With Free Delivery – Get The Finest In the World of Whiskey at Your Doorstep

Known as a gentleman’s drink across the world, whiskey comes in various forms, an elite variant being the range of blended malt whiskies. Blended malts are nothing but two different single malt whiskies from two different distilleries blended together with certain precision and measure in order to discover a fresh new flavor and texture.

Previously known as Vatted Malts, blended malts today have carved a niche as drinks that are smooth on the tongue while in keeping with the precision of single malts. With a delicate texture and an appealing palate, these flavorful beverages have garnered immense appeal with the modern whiskey enthusiast.

Some of the best blended malts that deserve your devotion and can be bought at blended malt whiskey shops in London include the famous Monkey Shoulder, the smoky Big Peat and the woody Oak Cross. Johnnie Walker Green Label is a standard in blended malt whiskies today. If single malt whiskies are intriguing to you, buy blended malt whiskies and discover an all new paradigm in the beverage.