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Togouchi 18 Year Old Japanese Whisky, 70cl


Distiller: Togouchi 18 Year Old Whisky is produced by Japan based distiller Chugoku Jozo, known for blended whiskeys, from Hiroshima. It is beautfully balanced blend of 60% Canadian grain and 40% Scottish malt whisky. It is matured in deep tunnels where temperature is kept at 14°C with 80% humidity.

Tasting Notes: It has an elegant dry whisky which has earthy and spicy texture with rich aromatic notes of peach and pear with hints of pepper and malted cereal. 




SKU : 0ORO106

Categories: Spirits , Blended

Blue Label is one of most prestgious and famous blend in the world of whiskies with blend of some of Johnnie Walker's rarest and oldest casks. Like the other Johnnie Walker blends, it has a remarkable balance, complexity with multi layered palate, silky touch with a good dash of smoke.

Country of Origin - Scotland
Strength - 40.00%
Staff Favourite - Yes
Ethics - Natural Cask
Distillation Type - Column Distilled
Awards - 1

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